The Questionnaire sent out by the Pope asks the following questions:

Question 4 c. Are separated couples and those divorced and remarried a pastoral reality in your particular Church? Can you approximate a percentage? How do you [= bishops and priests] deal with this situation in appropriate pastoral programmes?

Question 4 d. How do the baptized live in this irregular situation? Are they aware of it? Are they simply indifferent? Do they feel marginalized or suffer from the impossibility of receiving the sacraments?

Question 4 e. What questions do divorced and remarried people pose to the Church concerning the Sacraments of the Eucharist and of Reconciliation? Among those persons who find themselves in these situations, how many ask for these sacraments?

Question 4 g. Does a ministry exist to attend to these cases? Describe this pastoral ministry? Do such programmes exist on the national and diocesan levels? How is God’s mercy proclaimed to separated couples and those divorced and remarried and how does the Church put into practice her support for them in their journey of faith?


Have you experienced divorce and re-marriage? What difference has it made to your taking part in the life of the Church? Are you able to receive Holy Communion?

Could you describe your experience? Could you comment on points raised in the Pope’s questionnaire, for instance: did you receive support from your parish priest, or from others in the Church? What more can be done to guide Catholics who are divorced and remarried? How can they be made to feel welcome?

If you want your name to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym but make sure your email address – which will not be shown to the public – is correct.

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