In his questionnaire, the Pope asks:

Question 7 a.  What knowledge do Christians have today of the teachings of Humanae Vitae on responsible parenthood [= ban on the use of contraceptives]? Are they aware of how morally to evaluate the different methods of family planning? Could any insights be suggested in this regard pastorally?

Question 7 b. Is this moral teaching accepted [by the faithful]? What aspects pose the most difficulties in a large majority of couples accepting this teaching?

Question 7 c. What natural methods are promoted by the particular Churches to help spouses put into practice the teachings of Humanae Vitae?

Question 7 d. What is your experience on this subject in the practice of the Sacrament of Penance and participation at the Eucharist?

Question 7 f. How can a more open attitude towards having children be fostered? How can an increase in births be promoted?


There is no need for the purpose of this study to answer each of the above questions individually. What we would ask you to do is to simply tell your story, to share your experience of family life and what you have done, or have decided to do regarding family planning.

Please, give your reasons. While writing your story, please, try to relate it to some of the points raised in the questionnaire. Were you aware of the official stand of the Church against contraceptives? Did you know about alternative methods of family planning? Have you tried any of them? Has your decision affected your participation in Confession and the Eucharist, etc.?

If you want your name to remain anonymous, use a pseudonym but make sure your email address – which will not be shown to the public – is correct.

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